Tyrannosaurus rex


This specimen is a 40 foot adult T.rex. This skeleton was molded from the original fossil skeleton now on display at The Museum of World Treasures in Wichita, Kansas. This T. rex was discovered in 2007. When it was found, this T. rex had the most complete tail of any T. rex, with only three vertebrae missing.

Mounted to your specifications.

FORMATION:  Hell Creek
LOCALITY:  Harding County, SD

DIMENSIONS: 40 ft long by 12 ft high at the hip. The footprint can be adjusted based on the pose.

AVAILABLE: Cast Replica Skeleton, Life Restoration Skeleton
DELIVERY: Approximately 6 months from down payment
PRICE:   Skeleton                $85,000 plus delivery and set up
               Life Restoration   $147,000 plus delivery and set up